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"How much will it cost?"

"How do appointments work?"

“How long will it take?”

"Is my confidentiality protected?"

"What is my commitment to you"

"How can I contact you?"

"How much will it cost?"

A one hour session is $125.00 per hour and $175.00 for an hour and a half. Depending on income and ability to pay there are some sessions available at a sliding scale fee. I do not charge an additional fee for a couple-- I look at it as my timee is the same no matter how many people are in the room.

"How do appointments work?"

Appointments may be scheduled for either a one hour, one and a half hour period. This time is from when we meet in reception through payment and scheduling of follow up appointments.  This means that actual counselling time is about fifty five minutes or eighty five minutes.

My experience has been that the longer period is often especially helpful for couples. The added time can help people process issues more completely.

Generally, clients schedule appointments weekly or biweekly. On occasion people come in twice a week.

“How long will it take?”

This is a question people ask me often upon starting counselling.  There is never a simple answer. The length of time can depend on a number of things. These include:

  1. The nature of the issue.
  2. How long an issue has been occurring.
  3. How much work, inside and out of the office, you are willing to do.
  4. How much of the situation is under your control.
  5. Time and funds available

Length of time also is affected by how open  you are with yourself and with me. Sometimes people have come in and there is a part of their story that they hide from themselves or from me. Often, this  is the key to change.  It is at times hard for people to be open about things especially if they feel ashamed about them or are afraid that they are going to be judged. Effectiveness of counselling depends on trust and comfort level, and these take time to build. For some issues, people have less need to trust a therapist at a very deep level, and for others, they have to trust more.

Most people have issues which cause them some shame or guilt. It may be something they have done, something they saw, something that happened to them, or something they fantasize about. Whereas it can be hard to talk about these things, most people find that the acceptance they experience from me goes a long way towards helping them accept themselves. Examining what happened, or using various therapeutic techniques, I am often able to help people move beyond the shame and guilt which is running them.

I have worked with people for varying lengths of time.  For some people coming in through their employer’s Employee Assistance Programme, we have only six or eight sessions.  For other people it has been periods of several months and some clients I see for a year or two.  Generally, the latter are people who wish to make some deeper, long term changes in their functioning. They may have histories of neglect, physical or sexual abuse, addictions, or continually  self destructive patterns of behaviours.

Whatever the length  of time we have worked together,  I have been privileged to work with people who have had the courage and strength to make  profound changes in their lives.

Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

Is my confidentiality protected?

Counselling relationships are based on trust and confidentiality.

Everything that you say to me will be held in the strictest confidence, except when to do so would put you or someone else at risk, or when legally compelled to disclose information.

"What is my commitment to you?"

My commitment to you is to be honest and open about the work that we will do and how we will do it. I will let you know if I think I am unable to help you, or someone else or another approach will work better for you.

Within the scope of a counseling relationship, I will provide you with all the support that I can give you, with clear guidelines about what I can and cannot do.

-- Peter S. Silin

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