Who I Work With

I am pleased to work with you no matter where you are from or what your background, ethnicity, orientation, or culture. My goal is the same—I want you to feel comfortable, safe, understood, respected, and accepted for who you are, where you have come from both literally and emotionally, and where you want to go.

In general, I work with adults from the age of about 18 and up. On occasion I will see younger teenagers and children. Below describes some of my experience and understanding of the range of diversity of people who call greater Vancouver (and beyond via Skype) home.


I have had clients from many different cultures, orientations, and religion. Cultures include Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, European, Korean, and South Asian ( both Pakistani and Indian).

I understand how culture impacts people's world view, and also the difficulties that arise when people come from one culture and grow up in another and the stress that comes from Canadianized children who feel the pull between the culture and values of your parents and what you have grown up with in Canada.

French Canadians:

I have lived for five years in Montreal, and speak quite a bit of French. There is a special place in my heart for Quebec and the French Canadian culture and its value and contributions to Canada. I have had a number of Quebecois clients. However, you must be able to also express yourself in English.

First Nations:

I have also had many Aboriginal clients and have training in Cultural Competency. I am also an approved counsellor with First Nations Health Authority and Residential School survivors.

My Aboriginal clients have come from reserves and from off reserve. Some went through Residential schools or had parents or grandparents who did, the legacy from which still affect them. There is a wide variation in Aboriginal people, just as any other population, I try to respond to your unique circumstances as well as the culture of the nation that you grew up in.


I also see gay, lesbian, bi sexual, transgendered people individually and as couples. I understand the prejudices, stigma, and discrimination you have faced and sometimes continue to face in your daily life and it's impact on your individual functioning and relationships. I will also see heterosexual partners of gay men, lesbians, transgendered people as they, individually or together deal with coming out.

Seniors and Eldercare:

One of my areas of specialization is Seniors, Caregivers and eldercare. I provide not only counselling for seniors and their family members and caregivers, but also case management, seniors housing consultations, eldercare planning and advocacy. For more on this please see my website, www.diamondgeriatrics.com

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